New Year, New Book


Now that the dust has settled, the festive season is over, and most of our humdrum lives are kicking back in, I'm finally getting some down time to write. At least I think I am, I'm not too sure if 'down time' is actually a thing anymore, particularly when you've to be a parent as well.

As I said in a post towards the end of the year, I'm going to try and put up entries a bit more regularly this year. For a while the site has just been gathering digital dust as I refused to get rid of it but didn't make time to post entries up either. It was a weird situation to be in.

I had spoken with the ladyfriend a few times over the last two years about shutting down the site completely. I wrote it (the code) back when I had time to do such things and be constantly tweaking for improvements. But that was just an excuse to keep coding in my spare time. There are other, better maintained, sites that people can use for blogs these days. My plan had been to maybe migrate all the stuff here to one of those accounts.

But there is a special place in my heart for this little spot of the web. There always will be. I was never going to just get rid of it completely. Maybe look at some way of linking it with another site so the publishing happens in multiple places.

Anyway, that's rambling.


That's what this post is about. I haven't written a word, at least not in the novel sense of writing, for about five weeks now. I finished up on Duplex Tempus, my first attempt at a sci-fi novel, at the start of December. Then "The Month of Illness" hit the house in a big way, which basically had very little time left over to do things like 'enjoy your hobbies'. I'm not sure about you, but when life throws me lemons the energy levels get sapped while I make the lemonade.

But that is all changing now that we're back into normal mode with regards to life. I mean how can that even be a thing? How can taking nearly two weeks off work, effectively removing the biggest time sucking element from your day to day, result in so little time to actually work on non-work related things?

The universe is a strange and messed up place.

Anyroad, the next book that I'm going to start working on will be another Filthy Henry novel. I've plotted it out roughly at the minute. I've a bit of tweaking to do here and there, some research on aspects of the legends I am going to be pulling in. Overall, however, I'm pretty happy with how it is looking so far. More importantly it has been two years since I wrote about Filthy Henry.

Time to put back on the mental trench-coat and get back into the frame of mind of the most sarcastic detective ever to work in Ireland.

Should be fun.


Holiday Season, Finally


I generally keep enough Holiday Days in work so that I get a nice long break over Christmas. It is something I've always done, even before having kids. It just feels like the right time of year for me, mentally, to get a big long break. Two weeks, with the days that are given to workers because it is Christmas, in total.

Sure what more could you want.

I finished up on Friday and have, so far, done no writing. But worse, I have done no writing for about a week now. I have noticed that this happens when I finish a book (or at least feel like I have finished it for now and need to let it sit and soak for a while before looking over it again). Filthy Henry book five has been roughly plotted out, I am going through it and fixing up bits before starting actual work on it, but that doesn't count as writing. In fact I decided that my Habit reminder was to be marked as complete. Duplex Tempus took 561 days to be written.

Not bad going.

But, despite taking a sort of 'break' from the hobby, the itch to write is still there. I dunno what that is about. It's a compunction at this stage, maybe. I don't like suffering from idle fingers not running across a keyboard like they have a mind of their own.

I'm still inside the Old Year, so the length of time between this post and the last is allowed. But for now this post is serving to scratch that itch, even for a day. I have written something, but thoughts to words.

That's enough for now.

For the Too Long; Didn't Read population - Sci-Fi book is soaking for a bit before I give it a final once over and then publish it. Filthy Henry will return, he is just taking the long way round.




Been a while. Well I suppose it actually hasn't been all that long, but it has definitely been longer than I intended.

One of the things I've gotten really bad at in the last few years is regularly posting to this little corner of the web. I've decided that in 2020 I'm going to set myself a 'positive' New Year's resolution that I will no doubt break faster than a person who says they are going to diet in 2020 will break.

I'm going to post regular writing related articles.

There are a few reasons for this.

First of all is how fast the podcast I produce with the ladyfriend has gained traction. Now, I'm not going to even imply any of that is down to me. It is entirely down to herself. She has this amazing ability to promote things. I've seen it in her work over the years, but never for a hobby project like our little podcast (which can be gotten at this handy location, sure you'd be mad not to pop on over and have a listen).

Seriously, it regularly sits in the top ten on parenting podcast charts for Apple and Spotify, all down to how the ladyfriend knows how to promote these things and keep interest going. It is pretty impressive.

Leading me to think about this writing lark. Sure I write books and they seem to be well received, but they aren't exactly paying for the house or anything. That's mainly down to myself. I don't put enough time and effort into promoting the hell out of them. In 2020 that needs to change, otherwise why do I put so much stress and pressure on myself to make sure the books are the best they can be before sending them out into the big bad world?

I'm going to take some of the strategy that the ladyfriend uses for Parenting Pobal and apply it to my books. Otherwise I genuinely think I should just call it a day on the writing thing. I had some fun, wrote some stories, but if your hobby starts to feel like work then it stops being a hobby.

Secondly, I sort of got lost in the last novel. The sci-fi story I am writing. It was something different for me to attempt but it did take a lot more work to get over the line. Even now, as I type this, it isn't done yet. I have to do another draft through it all and then get a cover together for it. Then, despite me not wanting to go down this road, I am being told I need to send it off to agents and see if anyone bites before going down the indie route like I usually do.

Point the third, I'm back into Filthy Henry book mode. I've an idea in the head that has five chapters out already and some research done on the topic. So I want to use 2020 to do as some of my favourite authors do: post updates on their sites as they work through the book.

This morning I genuinely gave some thought to maybe dropping this site completely and moving over to a Wordpress or Medium. I still might. I'll keep The Bauble going because, at this stage, it is like a family pet that I can't get rid of. But then again I might just look at spreading the locations these articles get published to.

I'm rambling now, I know I am - good time to stop ;)