Second Second


Today the little man turned two. The big 2. Officially entertaining that wonderful phase of life that all the parenting books and blogs refer to as the terrible twos.

That, for a start, is bullshit. Kids will and can have 'terrible' any age, the twos are just the first point in their lives that they can talk back to you is the thing. They will have developed their likes, dislikes and quirks. It is all just the natural evolution of things.

But this isn't a piece about how kids are different - this is about my little boy growing up.

You can already see it in him. The baby is still there, of that there is no doubt, but the toddler is forming. He has developed a little jester streak in him already. The other day he jumped off the sofa and started running back and forth between the walls of the living room. Right before he would have crashed into the wall he stopped himself, did a little comic 'wwwooooaah' and fell to the ground. All to get a laugh out of us.

He did this for twenty minutes.

It was hilarious.

He has formed attachments to things now. Loving football is one that has been around for a while, but he really liked one of his presents. A little blue train that turns into a robot. Loves it so much, in fact, that he insisted it go to bed with him.

Gone is the Iron-man teddy, in is the robot train.

Kids, so fickle.

As usual his mummy went above and beyond with the little family party we had to mark the day. Food and a Gecko cake (from PJ Masks, before anyone starts wondering about the lizard) along with all the fun of kids running around hopped up on sugar.

Happy birthday little man. Keep making the world laugh like you do, because your laugh is infectious and the world needs more of that.


Nearly Christmas


No I am not after losing my mind, nor have I put the Christmas tree up again to try and reclaim some of the magic lost since the Holiday season ended. Rather, "Nearly Christmas" is the working title of my fifth Filthy Henry novel.

Although, secretly, I am thinking of making it the actual title.

See, the next book is going to be based around Halloween.

All the old Celtic legends based around that time of year involve stuff happening between the world of the Living and the Dead. They are great stories when you read them, all about spirits doing mischievous things and humans falling foul of their tricks. As such I decided to write the next book around October and draw from some of the old stories.

But I wanted to also use the book to take a few pops at how Halloween doesn't even get to happen anymore in its own right. Places have Christmas decorations up right beside the Halloween stuff. Some shops have even started to put up Easter Eggs before Christmas even happens.

The world is moving too fast for no reason at all. So in the book I will take a few digs at this sorta stuff. But, because of that, I think calling it "Nearly Christmas" makes perfect sense.

If nothing else it will be a book that can be bought in either season.

In other writing news I have started looking around for a sci-fi agent. The ladyfriend is adamant that I see if a non-Filthy Henry novel will be picked up by a publisher. Which means, of course, a slight delay in getting it out there for folk to read. But sure what's life without a little adventure and risk, right?

Short post today...but at least I remembered to post something ;)


New Year, New Book


Now that the dust has settled, the festive season is over, and most of our humdrum lives are kicking back in, I'm finally getting some down time to write. At least I think I am, I'm not too sure if 'down time' is actually a thing anymore, particularly when you've to be a parent as well.

As I said in a post towards the end of the year, I'm going to try and put up entries a bit more regularly this year. For a while the site has just been gathering digital dust as I refused to get rid of it but didn't make time to post entries up either. It was a weird situation to be in.

I had spoken with the ladyfriend a few times over the last two years about shutting down the site completely. I wrote it (the code) back when I had time to do such things and be constantly tweaking for improvements. But that was just an excuse to keep coding in my spare time. There are other, better maintained, sites that people can use for blogs these days. My plan had been to maybe migrate all the stuff here to one of those accounts.

But there is a special place in my heart for this little spot of the web. There always will be. I was never going to just get rid of it completely. Maybe look at some way of linking it with another site so the publishing happens in multiple places.

Anyway, that's rambling.


That's what this post is about. I haven't written a word, at least not in the novel sense of writing, for about five weeks now. I finished up on Duplex Tempus, my first attempt at a sci-fi novel, at the start of December. Then "The Month of Illness" hit the house in a big way, which basically had very little time left over to do things like 'enjoy your hobbies'. I'm not sure about you, but when life throws me lemons the energy levels get sapped while I make the lemonade.

But that is all changing now that we're back into normal mode with regards to life. I mean how can that even be a thing? How can taking nearly two weeks off work, effectively removing the biggest time sucking element from your day to day, result in so little time to actually work on non-work related things?

The universe is a strange and messed up place.

Anyroad, the next book that I'm going to start working on will be another Filthy Henry novel. I've plotted it out roughly at the minute. I've a bit of tweaking to do here and there, some research on aspects of the legends I am going to be pulling in. Overall, however, I'm pretty happy with how it is looking so far. More importantly it has been two years since I wrote about Filthy Henry.

Time to put back on the mental trench-coat and get back into the frame of mind of the most sarcastic detective ever to work in Ireland.

Should be fun.