Just some random stuff that has no proper place on the site. An expanded link dump, for example.


Shorties Stories
The very sexy lady friend has decided to start a blog of her own. Warn me of the comments in her rants about me.

Half Baked Potatoes
We've all done something stupid under the influence, it is nothing to be ashamed of. Not telling your stories, however, is.

Derek C. Power
Writing website full of articles writing related.

The Ginja Ninja
Sometimes artists need a place to display artwork online. This is the place that Ginja Ninja uses. Check it out.

London Nom Noms
You eat, right? Wanna read about some great spots in London, Engerland? Read on.

Fantastic Webcomic with some great artwork. If I could draw half as well as some of the stuff here I would be happy, definitely worth a visit. A regular visit.

Rooster Teeth
Games, Comics, Random Web Comedy Videos and the best online machinima series around: Red vs Blue.

No Punch Line
Newly created blog of a comedian pal of mine. Given his last blog this one will be worth reading.